Results of the Visual Preferences Survey and Next Steps...

Carol Barrett, the Assistant Community Development Director for the City of Burbank recently met with several members of Preserve Burbank to discuss the findings from the Visual Preferences Survey that was presented in many locations around Burbank and on-line. You can see the results of the survey by going to:

Preserve Burbank board members, Jim Casey, Billie Jo Walsh and Sue Cleereman were very impressed with the findings of the report and we encourage you to attend the Planning Board Meeting on April 14th so you can hear Carol's findings and recommendations to the board on the ways to improve the design of new single family home construction and remodeling.
Monday, April 14, 2014 at 6:00pm
Burbank City Council Chambers

If you have any Preserve Burbank related questions or concerns, feel free to contact Jim Casey at 818-641-9050 or /