Landmark Your Property

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Benefits of Designating Your Home as a Historic Resource
•Protects your home for future generations.
•Maintains the historic character of your neighborhood.
•It's green.
•You can make modifications to your home.
•You may be eligible to apply for a Mills Act contract.

In 2011 the Burbank City Council updated the City’s historic preservation ordinance (Attachment A). The ordinance outlines the processes and procedures to designate a property as a Historic Resource. A Historic Resource is defined in the Burbank Municipal Code as, “any Resource that has special character or aesthetic value in the historic, cultural, architectural, archaeological, or social heritage of the City of Burbank."

Significance of Designation

Designation of a property as a Historic Resource demonstrates a commitment made by the property owner to preserving those improvements and features which reflect elements of the City’s architectural and environmental heritage.